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Census Applications: The Information Specialists

Who are Census Applications?

Our speciality is to make the most of your existing information and develop more effective ways of utilising it. We have successfully integrated a vast range of data sources into our reserves over time, and complement this with high quality analytical and modelling skills.

Census Applications has been operating for 25 years in the fields of data supply, data analysis, survey design, statistics and training, providing services throughout Australia. We offer a specialised, personal service to our clients using well-qualified consultants who can come to you.

Census Applications now has four key operational areas:

Statistical Services

Compilation of statistics from a wide array of sources, demographic analysis and analytical reports are our specialty services. Survey design, management and reporting of results are also areas of particular expertise.

Information Services

A wide range of specialised skills & software to manage data are available. We also offer bureau services, including provision of data, maps, and customised databases.

The suite of software tools developed by Census Applications includes our population projection model DEMOGRAPH and census data aggregation tool Amalgam


Mathematical modelling of complex natural and economic systems is offered by well qualified specialists.

This area of activity has grown rapidly as clients seek to better understand the processes affecting their activities, ranging from urban development to human behavioural work.


Training includes the use of spreadsheets and database software in statistical analysis.
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