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Software and Hardware Requirements

CASAS will run in Excel 2000 onwards, operating under Windows 2000 or later. Excel and the CASAS programs need 128mB of memory as a minimum. CASAS packages (inc data) take up variable amounts of disk space according to the amount of data present; as a rule, allow at least 100 mB.

The program and CASAS formatted data files can be provided on CD-ROM or DVD.

CASAS and Microsoft Excel

The CASAS package uses a set of unique menu-driven spreadsheets. This means that CASAS works within Excel, and as a consequence of this needs Excel to function. CASAS will work with any version of Excel from 2000.

The CASAS programs use specially formatted data files to display information for whatever area is required. Customers can order data to their specific geographic requirements for any area in Australia from collector district level, postcodes, urban centres, local and regional areas to all of Australia. Census data is available for the last five Census. Census Applications can also provide specially aggregated areas.

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