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CASAS is the Census Applications Small Area System. 

CASAS allows the user to easily access, view and print population census information for geographic areas ranging in size from the whole of Australia to single Census Collection Districts. You can also create your own special areas from collectors district data or larger areas to suit your needs.

Based around Microsoft Excel, CASAS gives you ease of access to your data through simple menus. Not only this but CASAS also provides enormous capacity to manipulate, analyse and present that same data. Experienced spreadsheet users can modify the  CASAS programs for their own specialised uses, or exit from the menu system to analyse the data further, including access the raw data directly if needed.

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Both usual residents and Census counts data are accessible via CASAS 2006 for the 45 Basic Community Profile tables. CASAS 2006 gives you access to the 2006 BCP AND compares 2006 tables with data from the previous four census; 2001, 1996, 1991, 1986. There are also several other special use programs.

The CASAS 2006 package retains the general structure and ease of use of the earlier versions of CASAS, but allow users more options and flexibility.

CASAS 2006 can co-exist on your computer with previous versions of CASAS.

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